How to repair corrupt SQL Database (.mdf and .ndf) files

How to repair corrupt SQL Database (.mdf and .ndf) files

In this article, we will see How to repair corrupt SQL Database (.mdf and .ndf) files

If you are working with the SQL database then usually you may face the problem of data corruption, whether taking backup on the daily basis is a good practice for data safety but however if the backup is also corrupted, what should you do then?

Product Review of Stellar Repair for MS SQL

DBCC CHECKDB is an in-built utility provided by Microsoft SQL Server with multiple repair options to fix SQL database corruption, However, DBCC CHECKDB REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS causes data loss, while fixing major SQL issues. Repairing by DBCC CHECKDB with Allow data loss option will lead to data loss while repairing the file but you may try these if it works for you.

You must try these commands if they work for you:


If the in-built utility DBCC CHECKDB isn’t fitted for you or even if you don’t want to lose your data then Stellar Repair for MS SQL is very useful to you.

What is Stellar Repair for MS SQL?

Stellar Repair for MS SQL is a most desirable tool used to repair the corrupt MS SQL Database files (.mdf and .ndf), recommended by database administrators and tech communities worldwide.
The Software has unique features that make it different from others like, it Repairs corrupt SQL Database (.mdf and .ndf) files, also
recovers the database components(tables, indexes, triggers, keys, rules & stored procedures, one of the best features is it also recovers deleted records from the corrupted database.
It allows us to save the database scan results by this you can resume data recovery at a later stage, and also allows us to save the repaired file in different formats like MS SQL, HTML, XLS, & CSV formats,

It supports almost all the versions of MS SQL Server 2008 to 2016 and older versions.

Why Stellar Repair for MS SQL?
Is SQL Server Log file (.LDF) Lost or Corrupted?
When DBCC CHECKDB Repair fails?
If your MS SQL Database is in SUSPECT mode also your data values more than money?

So, in situations like any of the above, Stellar Repair for MS SQL is a very useful tool, you just need to download it from, in the free trial version you will be able to scan and preview recoverable SQL server database objects and also you can find out more details about the tools.

Technical Specification of Software:

Product Name
Stellar Repair for MS SQL
Operating System
Windows 10 (32 bit/ 64 bit)
Windows 8.1/ 8 (32 bit/ 64 bit)
Windows 7 (32 bit/ 64 bit)
Windows Vista (32 bit/ 64 bit)
Windows Server 2012 / 2008
Supported SQL Versions
MS SQL Server 2017 & all prior versions
2 GB Minimum
Hard Disk
250 MB of Free Space

Features of Stellar Repair for MS SQL

Let’s check out the functionalities of the tool along with pictorial representation.
This is an example of a corrupted database in suspect mode, you can check your database status usingSELECT DATABASEPROPERTYEX('[Your Database Name]''status') AS Status

Database in Suspect Mode

If your database is in Suspect mode or Offline mode, or it may be the 'recovery pending' and database attachment issue there are various reasons for the same it may be a hardware problem like your hard disk crashed or that issue can be a bug of SQL Server, Operating system malfunction that can be a lead system to not function correctly, or it can be raised by unexpected system shutdown while a transaction is ongoing, or by compromising your system by virus attacks, etc.

1)   Download and launch Stellar Repair for MS SQL

This is where we can start from the main interface of the software, and an instruction popup will be appearing on the main screen to inform you to make a copy of your database and try to repair that copy,


this is the main screen, we can click on the button 'Select Database' to select the database and a pop up window will appear where you can browse your files. 


2)   Select the target database that needs to be repaired

There are two ways to select the target database file, you have to select your corrupted database file by clicking on the 'Select Database' or ‘Search' options. If you know the exact location of your target database then click on the 'Select Database' option and select that file,


or you can find the database in a particular folder by using the 'Search' option to find (.MDF) file in a particular drive/location.


there is an additional option that is 'Include Deleted Records' is an optional and useful one to recover the deleted records, it also recovers the data from the objects.

3)   Now we are good to start the repairing process

Make sure you have selected the file which is needed to be repaired after that, you just need to click the 'Repair' button to start the repairing process.

By opting for 'Include Deleted Records' we may get deleted data from the selected MDF file.


There is a log report window where you can see the progress of the repair process, also if you have any recent attempts to recover then it will give you an option to resume the process from the saved repair information.

4)   The Message about activation of the product when we want to save the repaired database.

There will be a message pop-up on the screen. If you want to register the software then you'll need an activation key and follow the instruction, or if you just want to see the preview of the database before purchase to confirm your database recovered well then, you can preview that easily.
To activate the product you need to buy this product from their official website ( )

Stellar Repair for MS SQL Activation window

5)   Preview of repaired database

This is a preview of the selected database after completing the repairing process successfully, Also, there is a search control you can directly reach out to the object instead of traversing one by one,

Stellar repair for MS SQL Preview of Recovered Database

by using that find button we can easily find the object on the left panel as shown below,

Stellar repair for MS SQL Find functionality

Stellar Repair for MS SQL will show you the Preview of corrupted database files. The left pane displays a list of items (Tables, Views, Synonyms, Defaults, Data Types, etc.) in that database file in a tree-like structure,

As I opted to ‘Include Deleted Records’ there are recovered deleted records from the database file, click on the 'Save' to save the repaired database.

6)   Multiple Saving options

Stellar Repair for MS SQL provides multiple file format options to save the repaired SQL server database file, which includes MS SQL database files, CSV, HTML, and XLS. Providing the number of formats is helpful because you don't need to install MS SQL Server on your system for opening the repaired file as it can be exported as in the other formats.

Stellar Repair for MS SQL - Multiple Saving options

saving as XLS format,

Saving as XLS

we can save that objects into these formats as shown below

Stellar Repair for MS SQL- Save as HTMLStellar Repair for MS SQL- Save as CSVStellar Repair for MS SQL- Save as XLS

As an advantage, it keeps the non-recovered queries in a separate text file of severely corrupt objects that are not recovered by this it is easier not to mess up with the recovered and not recovered objects, we can find them in a separate text file. 

7)   How do you want to save the repaired database 

There are two ways to save our repaired database file in 'New database' or 'Live database'. If you want to restore the repaired database to the ‘New Database’ then select the option for 'New Database' If you want to restore the repaired database to the ‘Live Database’, select that option and you need to provide Server credentials details. 

Saving as default New Database

As i selected for new database as shown below the recovered database, there are 2 options that we can choose either we want to save that MDF file in the default SQL Server directory or we can choose to save a new location by choosing the New option.

Stellar Repair for MS SQL - Recovered Database

Once it is complete, click on the Connect button to proceed further, after this you can check your database status again by using  ‘SELECT DATABASEPROPERTYEX('[Your Database Name]', 'status') AS Status’

Ordering the Software
Click to know more about Stellar Repair for MS SQL.
To purchase the software online, please visit

Note: This article is only for informational purpose. This is a free review of the product.

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