Fast and Reliable Methods to Save Yahoo Email as PDF

 How do I save multiple Yahoo emails as a PDF?

Fast and Reliable Methods to Save Yahoo Email as PDF

Yahoo Mail is the oldest email client used for professional and personal use. Various information is sent and received over the emails. However, due to the lack of security and better spam filters, and data security. Many users want to save Yahoo emails as PDFs. PDF files provide better security of data and are easy to access.

So, “How to export Yahoo mail to PDF in batch?” Stick to this blog till the end. As in this write-up, we will provide a comprehensive guide for users to export Yahoo Mail to PDF in batch efficiently. First, let's discuss the other various benefits of PDF files.

Why Save Yahoo Email as PDF?

Users want to back up their Yahoo emails to PDF format to keep the data secure. Apart from this, there are other benefits that PDF files provide to their users. Here are a few benefits of converting Yahoo email to PDF.

  • Users can easily access the Yahoo mailbox data even without an internet connection.
  • PDF files are platform independent, i.e., they can easily be accessed through any device.
  • Users can edit and print the necessary data saved in a PDF format.
  • PDF is a compact file format and is easy to share with others.
  • It also allows encrypting the PDF files to prevent unauthorized access.
Due to the above benefits, many users want to export Yahoo emails to PDF files. In the following section, we will provide the solution for saving Yahoo mailboxes in PDF files efficiently.

Native Solution to Save Yahoo Email as PDF

To backup download Yahoo email as PDF files, follow the below steps.
  1. Log in to your Yahoo Mail account on your browser.
  2. Select the desired email you want to save as PDF.
  3. Now, click on the More option and select the Print option.
  4. After that, in the new window, select the destination as Save as PDF.
  5. Hit the Save button to save Yahoo email as a PDF.
  6. Select the preferred location to save the resultant file. Click on the Save button.
This approach enables users to save Yahoo emails to PDF, but it has certain drawbacks, including the limitation of saving only a limited number of Yahoo emails.

Downsides of the Native Solution

The common drawbacks of the manual approach are mentioned below:
  • This method does not allow to save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF Format.
  • There are chances of repetition of similar emails.
  • It is a tedious process.
  • There are chances of data loss during the backup process.
To overcome these drawbacks, many tech experts recommend using the professional Yahoo Backup Tool. This tool provides quick results with high data accuracy.

How to Save Multiple Yahoo Emails as a PDF?- Expert Solution

Many experts recommend using the safe and reliable Yahoo Mail Backup Tool to save Yahoo email as PDF. This method facilitates bulk converting of Yahoo emails in just a few clicks. This tool helps to skip duplicate emails during the backup process without altering the data integrity. It also helps to maintain the folder hierarchy throughout the backup process.
The Yahoo mail backup tool also facilitates users to migrate Yahoo mail to Office 365, Gmail, IMAP, iCloud, and more. This tool provides accurate results within less time span.


In this article, we have discussed the various methods to save Yahoo emails as PDFs. The manual method is beneficial in saving only a certain number of Yahoo emails. If you want to save multiple Yahoo emails, then using the professional tool is the best solution.

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